20th of March Urgent Member’s Update

Member’s Update – 20th March 2020

Dear Members of Queenscliff Golf Club

The past month has been productive both on and off the course. The course condition has ensured a steady flow of visitors and our staff have, as always, offered a high level of service and hospitality. However, it is clear that we, along with the broader community, are facing several months of hardship due to the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic.

Your committee, based on advice and counsel of various parties including Golf Australia, has decided that our Club should remain open in basic operating mode whilst curtailing larger gatherings.  We understand and respect that golf clubs can play an important social role in the current and emerging environment.  Naturally we will update you should our status need to change.

The club has postponed two upcoming events:

  • The Mallacoota Golf Club Fundraiser and
  • The Easter Sunday Wendy Stapleton Music event.

These will be rescheduled to a later, safe date.

In the interests of the health and wellbeing of our staff, members and visitors during the crisis, the Club is initiating some simple but important measures to minimise the spread and effect of the virus but also allow the Club to operate.

The following recommendations have been made by the Government and Golf Australia and will be enacted from Saturday, 21 March 2020. We expect that members (and our guests) will respect and comply fully with the measures.

  • Washing hands thoroughly on entering the clubhouse and after a round of golf.
  • Minimise touching door and bench surfaces. (Most clubhouse doors will be propped open and the staff will regularly sanitise surfaces).
  • Not using touch screens for card printing or entering scores. (The staff will do both).
  • Using member fobs or credit/debit cards for all transactions. We want to minimise cash transactions.
  • The Golden Shot will be suspended until further notice in light of the above.
  • On the course, leave the flagstick in at all times.
  • Reinstate the bunker with your foot or a club.
  • Do not shake hands during or after the game.
  • Golf carts to be restricted to one person only.
  • If you are unwell, please do not play or visit the clubhouse.

We must all be conscious that many of our members are in the most vulnerable age group – their health and wellbeing is a priority.

We are being proactive in response to the challenges that will confront us in coming months and members are invited to raise any concerning issues with the Club Manager, John Fendyk, or members of the Committee.

We must remember that, with the current and impending closure or curtailment of many social and recreational diversions, golf remains a viable and popular option for Club members and visitors.

Our very best wishes go to you and your families at this difficult time.  Keep safe.

Tony Graham – President, on behalf of the committee.