Members Newsletter – July

Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting was held on Saturday 6 July. The meeting was well attended and the detailed reports reflected a very successful year both on the course and in the clubhouse. Copies of the AGM documents are available at the club.
Committee Elections were held and two new members were elected. We welcome Sean Marshall
and John Rimmer onto the committee and thank retiring members Gordon Scorgie and Kate
Jackson for their service. At a subsequent committee meeting held on July 21, the following
positions were confirmed.
President Tony Graham
Vice President Brian Heron
Secretary Tom Buxton
Treasurer Al Hamblin
Captain Peter Kleindienst
Vice Captain Sean Marshall
Course Director Kel Pettigrove
Sponsorship, Promotion, Special Events Brad Teal
Special Projects John Rimmer
Public Officer and Manager John Fendyk

Course News
Stage 2 of the watering project has been completed (ahead of schedule) and all tees, greens and
surrounds are able to be remotely programmed for appropriate watering. The staff will now be able to devote more time to other maintenance such as bunkers, fairways and course improvements.
We are receiving very favourable feedback from visitors and members about the condition of our
course which is a credit to our course staff and volunteers. We are taking delivery of four pieces of new machinery in coming weeks – greens mower, bunker rake, greens roller and a workman –
which will enable staff to continue improving the course.

QGC Website
As promised, the website has been systematically updated and offers a powerful source of
information for members and visitors. The latest innovation – aerial video of all holes – is brilliant, giving viewers a panoramic view of our magnificent course.
Further enhancements to the site will be added soon. Thanks to Brad Teal and his hard working

SLICE Management
We have moved the card printer from the table near the office to behind the bar. Members can log in at the bar and the staff will deliver your scorecard. (With the Lonsdale members soon coming, it allows us to monitor and manage the extra traffic). Score entries will still be made at the console near the office.

Lonsdale Members Arrangements
The Lonsdale course closes on Thursday 1 August and we will be hosting LGC members until
November 1 (and possibly one month longer). We have had regular meetings with Lonsdale
officials to facilitate a smooth transition for all players. We are accommodating all normal Lonsdale competitions without disrupting or inconveniencing QGC members.

The schedule for the week will be set up as follows:

  • Tuesday LGC Ladies Day 2 tees (1st & 10th) 8:30 am
    • 1st tee closed until 10:00 am. QGC ladies have been invited to join this competition.
  • Wednesday QGC normal comp. 2 tees (1st & 10th)
    • 1st tee will be closed for bookings from approx. 9:34 am to 10:37 am.

We anticipate that many LGC members will book the 10th tee to play at their preferred time.

  • Thursday LGC Ladies 9 hole comp. 2 tees (1st & 10th) 9:00 am start
  • Friday LGC Mens 9 hole comp. 2 tees (1st & 10th) 9:30 am start
  • Saturday QGC normal comp. 2 tees (1st & 10th)
    1st tee closed for bookings from approx. 9:34 am to 10:37 am.
    The 10th tee will be open for bookings from 7:28 am to 8:24 am.

To assist us in the monitoring and management of the LGC arrangement, we have entered LGC
members on the SLICE system as “honorary” members.

We are offering QGC member privileges to LGC members (except priority bookings – see
information below). Under the ongoing reciprocal agreement that we have with the LGC, LGC
members will be charged $20 for 18 holes and $10 for 9 holes for all competition and social
games. The LGC is subsidising the green fees for its members and we will need to keep a clear
register of LGC traffic to facilitate financial management.
Hence the need to have LGC members on SLICE.

LGC members are eligible to play in the QGC Wednesday and Saturday competitions. Prizes will
be allocated through SLICE.
Note: LGC members cannot win our Monthly Medal.
The competition fee of $8:00 will be paid by all competitors and the prize money will reflect the
increased number of players.

Priority Bookings for QGC members
The block bookings for the “Early Birds” will remain on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 7:20 am to 8:00 am. Lonsdale members (like QGC members) will be able to make online bookings on our
website so it is imperative that our members make priority bookings by informing bar staff of
preferred booking times as soon as possible. We will enter your preferences for the three months (August to November) to ensure that QGC members are not disadvantaged. This process can only be completed by the administration staff at the club because online bookings can only be made for two weeks in advance. I encourage all members to reserve their time slot (including cart bookings) this week to avoid any disappointment.

If you will not be playing this week call the club (52 584344) and indicate your preferences.

A Few Comments
The committee understands that the extra traffic generated by the influx of LGC members will
create a busier environment around the club including the carpark.
We acknowledge that there will be some teething problems in the first couple of weeks but we
have worked hard to minimise the impact on your enjoyment of playing golf. Extra staff (including committee members) will be on hand to manage the extra numbers and support the integration of LGC members.

I encourage QGC members to welcome our neighbours and ensure that they have a pleasant
Swan Island experience.

Members who have questions about the arrangements with the LGC are welcome to contact John
or Tony at the club for further information and/or clarification.
Finally, thanks to our Manager, John Fendyk, who has worked overtime to organise staff rosters,
catering arrangements and LGC registration and tracking processes in preparation for the next few months.
Tony Graham – President, on behalf of the QGC Committee

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