In this time of uncertainty, the QGC Committee is still optimistically preparing and planning events and activities for the next few months. We hope that Covid restrictions and limitations on our operations will be eased to allow us to return to somewhere near normal soon. While we are constantly frustrated by daily changes to the ‘roadmap’ out of Covid, we are determined to be ready when a full operation is possible.
The following events are booked (subject to restrictions):

  • Annual General Meeting 11:30am, Saturday 30th October
  • Music Afternoon – SASSY – Sunday, 31st October
  • Sponsors’ Golf Day, Monday, 1st November

Members are advised that Rory Monteith, a popular member of our bar staff, has a medical exemption re the wearing of a mask. His medical certificate is on display at the bar.

It is timely to remind members that ongoing compliance with all Covid restrictions while on the course and in the clubhouse is essential in allowing the club to continue to operate.

COVID Reward

The committee has resolved to provide a compensation package to members in lieu of lost opportunities to play golf on Swan Island during the last lockdown. While our revenue has been well down over past months, we are offering a reward for your ongoing patience and loyalty.

  • When the MiClub system is launched, members’ wallets will be credited with $50 (Full members and Seniors), $30 (Lifestyle Core and Country), $15 (all other categories).
  • The members phone App. that accompanies MiClub is normally paid annually by members (approx. $16). However, the club will pay the fee for the first year for members who wish to use it.
  • In the past we have had a variety of guest pass offers. From now on, members will be granted 3 guest passes per year which can be redeemed from Manager, Rob Aulich at the club.

We currently have 429 members (all categories) and the compensation package represents a significant contribution by the club in recognition of the impact that Covid is having on our members.
MiClub News
All members will receive an email directly from MiClub next week. The information package will include a practice module which will be open on Tuesday 5th October until Tuesday 12th October for bookings for everyone to try.
Please note that during the practice period all actual golf bookings must still be made using the SLICE system as we do now.
MiClub time sheets will go live on the 13th October which open 14 days prior to competitions, this will mean that on the 13th October you will be making bookings for the competition on Wednesday, 27th October. The SLICE system will cease on the changeover and will happen automatically on our website booking portal. All booking on the SLICE system between the 13th October and the 26th October will be transferred to the Miclub.
Let’s embrace this new and exciting Golf innovation which will make scoring and recording so much easier and more efficient.
During and after the practice period Rob, Rory and Lorraine will be on hand to assist members with any queries or issues.

Annual General Meeting
The AGM is scheduled for Saturday, 30th October.
The following committee members have a year of their term left to serve.
Brian Heron, Alistair Hamblin, Peter Kleindienst, Bob Merriman, Pam Treble.
The following committee members have completed their term and are seeking re election.
Tony Graham, Tom Buxton, Kelvin Pettigrove.
There are 2 extra vacancies that can be filled at the AGM. Nomination forms are available in the clubhouse. Forms must be received by the 17th October.
Post AGM there will be opportunities for members to join sub committees in their area of interest and/or expertise.

Stay safe, Keep well.
See you on the course.

Tony Graham – President

On behalf of the Queenscliff GC Committee