All membership prices noted are for our membership year from 1st March. Most annual memberships can be paid in monthly instalments and include affiliation fees with Golf Victoria etc.

Category  Subscription Details:

Full Member


Senior Member


Must be 65 years of age on March the 1st and have 15 years continuous full membership.



See below for more details.

Junior Member


Under 21 on the 1st of March.

Age 21 - 25


Under 25 on the 1st of March.

Age 26 - 30


Under 30 on the 1st of March.

Couples Initiative


Join as a couple to receive discounted Full Memberships.

Social Member


New Ladies Package


Ladies receive a discount on Full Membership for their first year.

Membership Benefits:

Membership at Queenscliff has other real benefits such as a 50% discount on motorised cart hire. Queenscliff also maintains reciprocal rights with a number of clubs in Victoria and around Australia.

Lifestyle Memberships

Lifestyle membership is designed for golfers who are busy with work/ family commitments or simply can't justify full membership. You can now join our great club with a Lifestyle option.

How the point system works

Each time you play with your Lifestyle Membership, points will be deducted from your Lifestyle points balance. Depending on what day you play, and how many holes you play will determine how many points you use. The following points are for 18 holes. If you play 9 holes, the points used are halved.

Saturday - 5 points (2 points for 9 holes)
Sunday/Public Holidays - 4 points
Wednesday (Comp) - 4 points
Weekdays - 2 points

Lifestyle Core


$870 buys 100 points ($8.70/point)

Minimum $300 – 25 points ($12.00/point)

Lifestyle Social


$300 for full year- buys 25 points ($12.00/point)

Minimum $300- 25 points ($12.00/point)

The following apply to Lifestyle membership options:
- MEMBERSHIP points allocated that remain unused at end of year (28th Feb) expire
- TOP-UP points unused remain for use post-end of year when a Membership is renewed
- GolfLink handicap maintenance , Insurance & Affiliation fees (circa $66.64pa) is included
- Member guest rates are available for Lifestyle Core Members when signing in guests to play the course (subject to limits)
- Member discounts on some purchases at the Club
- Access to installment payments can be discussed with staff for Lifestyle Core Members

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