Our History

Queenscliff Golf Course is on an island built up by drifting sand and is an all weather course. The beauty of the course is never lost on golfers, and it changes with the seasons and the time of day. Swan Island is a protected marine reserve with an abundance of birdlife.

In 1907 Mr. Banks, a Championship Player, selected the Swan Island location as the preferred site for a golf course. He was instrumental in laying out and establishing 5 holes ready for play by Christmas Day 1907.

The mode of transport to leave the island was walking, riding bikes, driving their car, or if it was running, the light rail trolley which was horse drawn (later battery powered).

On October 18, 1913, a meeting was held at Captain Joynt’s residence when the Club was brought into existence. Lt Col Sandford of the 6th Company Royal Australian Garrison Artillery stationed at Queenscliff, assumed the unofficial title of President of the Queenscliff Golf Club.

In 1919 the Borough of Queenscliffe obtained a grant to assist in the improvements to the Course- fairways prepared, using “Bonny the horse”, grasses were sown, bracken removed, rabbit proof fences around Greens installed, working bees were supported by members and committee, and rabbit drives were used as fund raisers.

In 1920 a house, previously owned by Miss Golightly from Queenscliff, was transported to the Island and became the clubhouse. In 1922 the course was extended to 12 holes then further extended to 15 holes in 1954.

In 1961 a major upgrade was undertaken and the Golf Club Committee lay out and established the 18 holes. This was a significant expenditure at the time and a boom for golf at Swan Island for many years to come.

In 1989 the Course front and back 9’s were reversed.

Over recent years 14 fairways have been replaced with santa anna grass, tees have been renovated, and a bunker replacement program has begun changing to pot bunkers with steep grass faces.