Women’s Golf

Women’s Golf program for Beginners

For women who want to learn how to play golf on the Bellarine, our beginners golf program is the ideal way to learn the basics, and give you the confidence to get onto the course!

“Gal’s on the Green” Program for Beginners

Queenscliff Golf Club runs a beginner women’s golf program once a year for anyone interested in learning how to play golf. We understand that golf can be intimidating for a beginner golfer, that’s why we have come up with a program which can take you from complete beginner to a confident golfer. These clinics are a fantastic way to meet new friends while in a fun atmosphere.

  1. “Come and Try”: A one session, no strings attached opportunity to simply ‘come and try’! All equipment is provided for free and refreshments are included after each session.
  2. “Get started”: A five week beginners golf program where the fundamentals of the game are taught. All equipment is provided.