Weather Policies

Adverse Weather Conditions

Players need to be aware of the dangers of lightning and high wind on the golf course. If you are concerned about lightning or high wind, come off the course immediately. If you are caught out on the course during severe weather, please follow the below procedures and take action to ensure your safety.

Players should keep in mind that evacuation of the course can take up to 20 minutes from the sound of the first siren. In the event of a potential lightning strike a decision must be made to cancel or suspend play as early as possible to allow enough time for members and guests to clear the course.

Where possible, players will be warned before play about the potential for severe weather occurring on the course. Once the severe weather has reached the golf course and surrounds, no staff/member will be permitted to access the course until it has been deemed safe.

The Manager, Professional or Member of the Committee, shall make an assessment as to the appropriateness of suspension/cancellation of play due to the potential for lightning strikes.

If the playing conditions are deemed dangerous, the Manager, Professional or Member of the Committee will close the course. This information will be passed on to the players through the golf shop. They will advise players not to commence their game. For players already on the course one long blast will be sounded with an air horn on the 1st tee. Where possible, golf shop staff will advise players on course of the impending severe weather. On hearing this horn all players MUST suspend play. No staff/members will be allowed access to the course after the siren has sounded.

Re-Opening the Course

When conditions have improved and play can safely resume the Manager, Professional or Member of the Committee will re-open the course. 3 short blasts on the air horn will be sounded on the 1st tee to advise players who choose to remain on the course during the suspension of play, that it is safe to re-commence play.


On seeing a flash of lightning players must stop play. One long blast will be sounded on the air horn (by the Manager, Professional or Member of the Committee) on the 1st tee to advise players who did not witness the lightning flash, that they must suspend play. Players are advised to return to the clubhouse. It is recommended that players keep away from tall objects such as trees. During the storm, players are advised not to swing/hold clubs or umbrellas, as they may act as a lightning conductor. The process for re-opening the course is detailed above (ideally 30 minutes after the last thunder clap is heard).


  • Put down your umbrella.
  • Keep away from the tree line.
  • Open golf carts will not protect you from lightning strike.
  • Shelter: Remember, open structures are not considered safe. An enclosed building is the safest place to be during a lightning strike.
  • If taking shelter in a building structure or vehicle, please ensure doors and windows are closed and avoid touching things that may conduct electricity.
  • Stay away from plumbing and electrical wiring, and DO NOT use the phone. If you can’t be in a building, an enclosed vehicle wth a hard top and the windows rolled up is an option. But remember, it’s the metal casing around you that protects you, not the rubber tyres. Don’t touch the side of the car.
  • 30/30 Rule: By the time the flash-to-bang count is 30 seconds, you should be in a safe location. And you shouldn’t resume outdoor activity until 30 minutes after the last thunder is heard.


During times of high wind, players should be aware that the conditions could effect the direction of their shot. In very strong winds tall objects may be blown over, causing a hazard not only when they fall but while lying on the ground.